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The Churchill Society

The truth is incontrovertible.
Panic may resent it,
ignorance may deride it,
malice may distort it,
but there it is.

Winston Churchill


May 17th 1916.


Current Correspondence.




Air Vice-Marshal Nigel Sudborough, CB.,OBE
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
15 Queen's Gate Terrace,

Dear Air Vice-Marshal Nigel Sudborough.

I refer to my recent letter (copy enclosed) suggesting that we met for lunch, and your refusal.

In that letter you (and via it your trustees) received from this society a serious complaint about the un-elected totally unsuitable appointment of Winston Churchill as Chairman of the Trust.

The Trust, being a publicly owned institution and a Registered Charity, has a responsibility to answer complaints.

Your position as the new Director General requires you to advise the trustees of their responsibilities to deal with complaints properly.

On behalf if the Committee I therefore request again an opportunity to meet you and the trustees.

Yours sincerely

Norman Harvey Rogers.


We will publish his reply when it comes.




June 3rd 2004.


The Rt Hon The Lord Fellowes GCB GCVO QSO
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
15 Queen's Gate Terrace,
SW7 5PR.

Dear Lord Fellowes

You will no doubt have seen my letter dated the 6th May 2004 to Air Vice-Marshal Nigel Sudborough and know that he has neither replied to it, or even acknowledged it.

This coming week thousands of WW II Veterans will be visiting the Normandy beaches, to mourn and commemorate the loss, the valour, and the colossal achievements of their comrades in arms.

That all of them - and those who have died since 1974 - have been denied by Churchill's children and The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust the chance to hear THE CHURCHILL MUSIC (performed for the first time by Radio Prague and Czeske TV with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra on VE Day in Prague 1995) is is is both sad and shameful.

There is no excuse where the WCMT is concerned, for the work was presented to Sir Alan Lascelles by Lady Churchill in 1973 with an impeccable Kings College Cambridge commendation and a telephone call or two by him could have easily brought further confirmation of the quality of the work and all the funding for its first performance on Sir Winston's Centenary in 1974.

History will in time say its suppression was outrageous.

A brief history of the work is paged on the following web site:-

No-one in British public life has held a higher or more confidential position with such distinction and during so many very difficult years, than yours as Her Majesty the Queen's Private Secretary.

Her Majesty is Patron of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

It is improper for the Churchill family and their relatives to promote the memory of Sir Winston - this should be left to other people - and even worse - they should never have been allowed to have hijacked the publicly funded and therefore publicly owned Winston Churchill Memorial Trust as they have done since its inception

We submit that after reading the above web page, you cannot remain true to Her Majesty and remain a trustee of the WCMT - for thereby you endorse Winston Churchill taking over - un-elected and unknown by the public - the chairmanship of the WCMT from his aunt - Churchill's daughter Mary Soames - to continue their control of the Trust.

As we have so frequently pointed out. The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust belongs to the public whose subscriptions formed it in the first place - it does not belong to the Churchill family, their relatives and their friends and should therefore be reformed.

On behalf if the Committee we therefore request again an opportunity to meet you and the trustees.

Yours sincerely

Norman Harvey Rogers.


* Enclosures for you to keep.
CD of The Rt Hon Enoch Powell's Speech to the Society
- Text Link.
CD of Churchill's War Time Speeches..


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The extraordinary 39 year story of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC.

Reviews of The Churchill Music

The Battle for REAL Music By the composer of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC.


Lord Fellowes's Reply.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
15 Queens Gate Terrace
SW7 5PR.

    9th June 2004

    Dear Mr Harvey Rogers

    Lord Fellowes has seen your letter of June 3rd 2004 and has asked me to say that he will not be responding.

    In the meantime I am returning the CDs * which you enclosed with your letter.



    Air Vice Marshall Nigel Sudborough
    Director General

    cc The Rt Hon The Lord Fellowes GCB GCVO QSO.

    * The CDs you sent him as a gift.
    CD of The Rt Hon Enoch Powell's Speech to the Society
    - Text Link.
    CD of Churchill's War Time Speeches..



It is highly regrettable that for over ten years the un-elected sycophantic councillors of

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

have been complicit in the Churchill family's determined attempts to belittle

the existence of the


Enoch Powell's remarkable Speech to the Society about Churchill,

and the 30 year suppression the existence of


Having done everything within its ability during all these years

to quietly influence the Trust to see Churchill's children breathtaking greed in its true perspective

we have failed.

It is for others - not Churchill's children - to honour their father's memory and great achievements.

The Society is now left with no other choice but to place the facts in the public domain.

However much the Churchill family work to make The Churchill Society of London quietly vanish

it is not going to vanish

nor are its members any longer going to endure the defamation that it has had to suffer to date.


It was wrong that for so long, obsequious un-elected trustees and councillors of

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

have allowed themselves to have been suborned.


The public owns


just as the public owns Chartwell,

The Churchill family do not.



From the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Newsletter 2003.


A Farewell Dinner for The Lady Soames, our illustrious retiring Chairman of the Trustees, was held in the House of Commons on 6 December. This dinner was combined with the traditional annual Fellows' dinner arranged for many years by John Turner (F/74) and hosted by Sir Patrick Cormack MP.

Some 170 guests attended, including Trustees, Council Members, friends of the Trust, together with 87 Fellows - their response to the dinner was oversubscribed by 100%!

Winston S. Churchill, our new Chairman, expressed his thanks, admiration and affection for (his aunt) Lady Soames and spoke of her tireless effort and dedication during her eleven years as Chairman.

On behalf of the Trustees and Council Members, he presented her with a splendid silver paper knife similar to that given to Her Majesty The Queen (!) in the Golden Jubilee Year by the Parliamentarians' Association but characterised in the name of the Trust with a facsimile of Sir Winston's signature and the emblem of the 'Four Winds'.

(Editor - we trust this was paid for by them - not from the charity's funds?)

We also took the opportunity to say farewell to our retiring Director General, Sir Henry Beverley. An appeal to Fellows of Sir Henry's nine years in office had generated some £3,200, with which Sir Henry intends to buy a lasting memory of a painting (Henry and Sally are still searching!). In the meantime, once he had got off the Welsh rugby stories, Ray Williams (F/70 and Chairman of the Welsh Association) gave a fitting tribute to Sir Henry, culminating in the presentation of a photograph of Sir Winston, a book of his paintings kindly signed by Lady Soames, and finally (and most importantly), a collage of the many letters of tribute received by the Trust in thanks to Sir Henry for his outstanding service and kindness to many Fellows over the years.

It was a truly memorable evening, enjoyed by everyone.

Editor's note.

In 1999, 160,000 persons applied for a travelling scholarship. Only one person in every thousand succeeded ( - a staggering waste of time, effort and money on the Trust's part - indeed also on every applicant's part.

It is truly upsetting for this society to have to point these facts out publicly. The Winston Churchill Trust must be reformed.


Fulton Missouri

Winston S. Churchill - Sir Winston's grandson - was presented by his mother, Mrs Pamela Harriman with an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Westminster College, Fulton.



To the astonishment of the public, the Churchill family with their relatives and friends - some in The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - let it be known in 1985 they were to produce in 1988 in a West End cabaret theatre a 'Musical' with 'Winnie' singing in his bath!

After three performances it was taken off.

It was reputed to have lost £3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as:-

"just done for

money, money, money . . . .

vulgar vulgar vulgar!"


The Daily Telegraph

Re: Unsocial society

Date: 3 October 2004


Despite being hugely and patriotically English, I can only endorse the prescience of Kevin Myers in opting to live in Ireland.

What he says about us is completely accurate, and is tremendously dispiriting for those of us who can remember that other England, the one where care, courtesy, respect and manners were part of everyday life.

Again quite correctly he identifies the culprits as the intelligentsia (although the noun is in many respects a misnomer), who have conducted a merciless and unrelenting assault on all those things that made us what we were.

Now, from the top down, we have a yobbish culture which prevails, and we have become a society motivated by spite, envy, greed, gloating, filth and voyeurism.

The England in which I was raised and educated, and for which I would gladly have laid down my life, has been stolen from us, and we are now an awful country, probably in terminal decline, ruled over by an elite who are self-serving, duplicitious and hugely incompetent.

It is time, I think, to summon back King Arthur, or bang Drake's Drum or whatever it is that we are supposed to do in time of peril.

From: Arthur Mead, Dereham, Norfolk.





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Dalton Newfield writes in an article published in the USA re the sordid history (and inevitable failure) of the Churchill family's promotion of the fantastically expensive The Collected Works in 1974.

"I am more than a little surprised that the Churchill family gave their support to this money-grubbing project".

"It would be wonderful to own such a work".

"It would be wonderful if my - or even any US library - could own the set, let alone risk using it".

"It would be wonderful if greed were not always the family's motive".

"WSC was not unconscious of money - quite the contrary - but he did put out abridgements, cheap editions, etc., so that people at all levels could enjoy his works".

"What pains most is that the idea was all so un Churchillian", Mr Newfield concluded.


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Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.

Important information.

Conservative Party corruption fuelled the continuing collapse of moral standards in the UK.
From 1983 onwards it gathered pace and led to the national uproar caused by the 
the story 
of the
Churchill family threatening to sell Sir Winston and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College
The Chartwell Papers.

Lord Rothschild's

The very sad press chronology of
Winston S Churchill Jnr.

Professor Charmley writes:
Is there no end to the making of money by the family our of Sir Winston?

Commercial advertising. Cashing in on Churchill. Who received money for this crude example?

Criticisms of the book 'Churchill's
Private Letters'
selected, edited, and published by his daughter Mary Soames.

May 1999.
Important information.





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