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Let faith, not appetite, guide our steps.

Winston Churchill

Political Broadcast

January 21, 1950.

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Article written in March 1997.

Text in Green is to assist overseas readers.

The name 'International Churchill Societies' is a misnomer.

The first Churchill 'association' formed in the UK was in the early 1960's and is said to have been by dealers in Churchill memorabilia. It had no aims and floundered.

No-one in the UK has ever explained how or when it came under the influence of the American dealer in Churchill memorabilia, stamps and books - a Mr Richard Langworth, and his company called Churchillbooks Inc of New Hampshire in the USA; or when, why or who changed the name to International Churchill Societies. A number of people joined this, but few remained members for very long because it did nothing and had no aims or constitution.

Mr Langworth is knowledgeable about Churchill but is too young to have had any experience the last world war. He comes frequently to the UK on book and Churchill memorabilia buying trips.

Mr Langworth never permitted a UK ICS membership list to be published, but at no time did membership attendance at the annual meetings exceed 35 persons.

How, when or why Churchill's daughter Mary became involved as the 'Patron' of ICS is not known. Neither she - nor any other member of the Churchill family - were actively interested.

Canada was the first country to form societies in honour the memory of Churchill. It has at least three - and they are older than ICS. They are independent of each other - and ICS.

The former ICS in the UK collapsed in 1989.

There is little or no interest in Churchill and ICS in Australia and none in New Zealand.

Thus Mr Langworth's claim today that ICS is a world wide association of Churchill Societies has yet to be proved. Thus the name 'Churchill Societies' is a misnomer and the prefix 'International' untrue.

When these matters were discussed privately by UK ICS members prior to 1989 it led to the discovery of the great differences between UK and USA legal requirements for the running of societies.

ICS claims on its web site and current literature to have support in the United Kingdom today - but ICS UK collapsed in 1989 as a consequence of these discoveries.

The history of this collapse is as follows.

In 1986 the meeting held by ICS in the UK that year was held at Chartwell. (Churchill's home managed by The National Trust) About 35 persons were present, many of whom were dismayed to find that the room had been turned by dealers in Churchill memorabilia into something akin to a car boot sale. This had happened on previous occasions but on a small scale and was assumed to be a way of fund raising.

As usual, the meeting bore no resemblance to a normal Annual General Meeting. Yet again that year, during the meeting, constitutional questions asked by members - such as when were elections to be held? Why was their no committee? How many members were there in the society? and how much money was in the society's bank? were all side stepped with the skilful manipulation of the meeting's time table. Finally the meeting was then addressed by Langworth. He spoke of how thriving the 'chapters' were in many other countries and of the great plans for the UK society for the forthcoming year.

After the meeting, a number of members stated that the previous holding of genuine non commercial exhibitions of members collections of Churchill memorabilia was perfectly acceptable to them; but expressed their dismay that Churchill's own beloved home had this time been used for substantial private and commercial dealing in Churchill memorabilia by a few members, and also by people who had never been at meetings before.

As members could not decide whether this dealing had been organised, they expressed their dismay to Mr Langworth and Mr Wheeler. (Mr Wheeler is not a dealer).

At the next United Kingdom ICS Annual General Meeting , members expressed concern that so many eminent people who sought information about the society failed to join and were never heard from again. It was thought that these people would not join because ICS was not in fact a society, because it had no constitution, no aims, and did nothing from one year to the next.

Members became uneasy about the aimlessness, the diminishing support, and the persistent year on year failure of Langworth's hyped up ambitious 'plans' to materialise. They told him that the reputation of the society was being seriously damaged by the dealers in Churchilliana and its Masonic secretiveness.

This brought into open discussion the absence of any constitution or governing committee, the refusal of Langworth or Wheeler to produce any membership list or reveal the annual accounts. Members stated bluntly that it was a ramshackle disorganised affair and should be properly organised if it was to be worthy of Churchill and develop.

Nothing happened.

Members were then very surprised to learn that ICS UK had been granted charity status. (This was prior to the public demand for the reform of the Charity Commission).

In 1989, the more thoughtful ordinary members demanded that a proper society be formed with the appropriate a legal constitution. To this end they asked a judge - who at the time was a new member - to formulate the necessary constitution.

This he did, and after preparing copies he invited the these members to his home to explain the British law for societies and the details of his proposed constitution.

His work appeared in vain for nothing happened. It was said by one person present at that meeting that the judge's advice was persistently challenged; and that thereafter a distinct atmosphere prevailed.

As the names and addresses of members remained secret it was not possible to inform them about the new constitution.

When the suppression of these events eventually became known to members, the judge and the most important members promptly resigned - and in time the rest just drifted away.

The Churchill family knew of all these developments as they unfolded but they did nothing. Later, a friend of theirs was approved by them to be the UK  'Director'  of ICS. He had never been known to be a member.

His name was *Jonathan Aitken.

The formation in 1990
of the independent


was a direct consequence
of the failure of ICS to heed British legal advice.

Clauses in the above society's Constitution declares . . . .

. . . . . the Society shall never deal in, nor own any item of Churchilliana, but displays of such items in CHURCHILL HOUSE London be much encouraged - but only at the expense and risk of the owners.

. . . . any person being - or having been in the past - a dealer in Churchilliana, cannot be an executive member of the society.

. . . . anyone appointed to an administrative post within the society must declare Masonic (or other affiliations) before they accept appointment . . . .

*Last month Jonathan Aitken admitted to the High court in London to committing perjury. He is awaiting sentence.


The only people Churchill never forgave
were those who,
in the words he so often used

"fell beneath the level of events".


It is whimsical that Americans - who rightly deplore empire building and colonialism - via their own society honouring Churchill should wish bring under their control, the Canadian and UK** Churchill Societies. Or is the truth of the matter, that the oddly named 'International Churchill Societies' is a front organisation controlled by the Churchill family?

Complete independence and competition, is the best way between societies to honour the memories of Churchill and Roosevelt, and their war time comrades in arms.

Perhaps it is time for members of the improperly named ICS to examine the entire structure of their society - for Mr Langworth to face the realities and discard his sycophancy towards the Churchill family and for members to re-name their society:-


** (now defunct).

It illegal under British charity laws for THE WINSTON CHURCHILL MEMORIAL TRUST (a British publicly owned and funded charitable trust) to permit its web site to be used (April 1999) by ICS on its web site for commercial Churchilliana and memorabilia transactions to be engaged in via Churchillbooks Inc: of Contoocook, NH USA.

This is made to appear part of the WCMT Web Site, for it is paged in the LH Column navigation list of WCMT subjects.

Under British Charity law no commercial LINKS are allowed on the WCMT web Site.


We desire to be judged only by results

Winston Churchill.

House of Commons
February 11th 1943


Winston Churchill's Medals.

It was announced yesterday by Winston Churchill (minor) that he had presented  on loan  his grandfather's medals to the Imperial War Museum for display at the cabinet war rooms.

What he failed to reveal, was that in doing so he saves himself the fear of being burgled for them - almost certainly the heavy expense of insuring them - and whether or not he has paid the inheritance tax on them*.

Sensible man you say..............until you remember the shameful thing he and the family did when they blackmailed the effete Prime Minister John Major and his Conservative government and the nation to pay him £12,500,000 for the  on loan  Chartwell papers and for which the family still continue to charge outrageous copyright fees.

There is nothing to stop him or his children doing the same thing again. Likewise with the
 on loan  contents of Chartwell.


The Times Newspaper

September 7th 1998


Mr Mark Thomas has accepted a position advising Chancellor Gordon Brown about reforming the tax system to ensure that rich people cannot cheat.

Mr Thomas was invited after his television programme revealed that Nicholas Soames (Churchill's grandson and Conservative MP and former Minister) * avoided paying inheritance tax on family heirlooms he had been left, by listing them as available to public inspection when they were not.


Where are all the many missing majestic jewelled silver and gold boxes,
the superb commemorative cut glass and enamelled plaques and mementos
and the spectacularly bejewelled solid gold and silver sculptural pieces
that were bestowed upon Churchill by foreign Kings and Queens
and the huge number of gifts given in his honour by Governments from all over the world
including many from Arab Royalty and the Emirates - all of which were originally on display
at Chartwell when it first opened and which are now missing?

It was Sir Winston's desire that all of these should be
permanently on display at Chartwell.


The only people Churchill never forgave were those who,
in the words he so often used:-

"fell beneath the level of events"



Because of his record Mr W S Churchill's appointment as Chairman of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
is as astonishing as it is improper and he must resign.

The vulgar West End 'musical' promoted by Churchill's 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            children with the 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  help of  friends 

The story of the Churchill family and their friends promotion (in 1988) of the West End Musical with 'Winnie' singing in his bath! After three performances it was taken off. It was reputed to have lost £3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as "just done for money, money, money . . . . vulgar vulgar vulgar!"


 The Churchill family to pay back The Lottery Money.

The High Court (London) proceedings.
Who owned the Chartwell Papers?

Churchill's Medals.

How safe are the contents of Chartwell?
Copy of correspondence with The National Trust.

Churchill's daughter Mary Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.

Important information.

 'Conservative Party sleaze added to the continuing collapse of moral standards in the UK. From 1983 onwards it gathered pace and led to the national uproar caused by the the story of the Churchill family threatening to sell Sir Winston and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College of The Chartwell Papers.
Lord Rothschild's

The very sad press chronology of Winston S Churchill Jnr.

Professor Charmley writes: Is there no end to the making of money by the family our of Sir Winston?

Commercial advertising. Cashing in on Churchill. Who authorised this crude example?

Criticisms of the book 'Churchill's Private Letters' selected, edited, and published by his daughter Mary Soames.

May 1999. Important information.


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