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The Churchill Society

Our past is the key to our future,
which I firmly trust and believe will be no less fertile and glorious.

Let no man underrate our energies, our potentialities,and our abiding power for good.

Sir Winston Churchill

Upon the award of Honorary Citizenship,

The White House,

April 9th 1963.


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12th February 1992


The Churchill Society is not a fan club. It is a society devoted to the memory of the courage, tenacity and awful sacrifices made by ordinary men and women, both at home and overseas, in defeating the Kaiser's and Nazi imperialism - the latter under Churchill's inspiring leadership.

We believe that Churchill created for himself a most interesting - indeed often very exciting and deeply rewarding life. We consider that he was properly honoured in his lifetime for his great achievements.

Churchill himself recognised this when he said that

"It was the lion hearted Allies who won the war -

for my part I just had the luck to give the roar!"

Had the Dunkirk rescue failed, and the Battle of Britain been lost; the war would have almost certainly been lost; and Churchill confirmed in history (as already assessed by his contemporaries) as an interesting character of the period, but a dyed-in-the-wool Imperialist still mentally living in an age which had passed: a "not to be trusted" political adventurer, twice disloyal to two political parties. And, although he was an extraordinarily gifted historical writer and political orator; as a parliamentarian, he was a maverick, a loner, derided by his enemies as a loser.

Had Churchill died before he was 65 that unjust verdict could have been common currency today. That is of course assuming our new 1940 Nazi masters had allowed the history of the period to have been written truthfully!

The above underlines just how close England came to defeat in 1940, as it does Churchill's extraordinary feat in changing the whole mood of the nation within a matter of a few months, from one of apathy - then of great fear - into one of defiant self confidence.

Churchill owes his survival and his great fame to the men and women at home and at the front who saw in his leadership the only honourable - but truly fearsome - way forward. Had they faltered they would have failed; and so would have Churchill.

To gain a proper understanding of this most interesting historical figure, the entire life of the man must be studied. As Enoch Powell said - he is a such three dimensional historical figure, that only by walking right round him time and time again, can one gain an insight to his great achievements and the momentous 20th century historical events of which his he such a dominant participant.

The aims of the Society are:-

1. To alert the British public to the awesome consequences of their loss of Parliamentary Sovereignty and to the loss of Sterling - both matters that Churchill would find unbelievable: and to this end, to foster patriotism and a renewal of the ideals of the Commonwealth.

2. To continue to maintain the Society's large illustrated educational web site entitled:-


3. To build CHURCHILL HOUSE London on the site of the disuse Admiralty communications centre on Horse Guard's Parade Ground in Whitehall as a living War memorial for public use.

The society also studies the life and times of Churchill; the purpose being to understand the true causes of wars and to learn how to prevent them.

The period 1912 to 1989 is the most awesome in the history of mankind. It can truly be called

'The Black Age'.

Fate decreed that Churchill's life should journey through this period, which after millions of peoples' unspeakable sufferings, eventually came to an end in 1989 with the collapse of Russia and the ending of the Cold War - happily so triumphantly for freedom and democracy in the East.

The careful study of this historical period is essential if mankind is ever to rid itself of the curse of wars.

The Churchill Society London is growing steadily.

The Internet (still only in its infancy) has changed, and will continue to change the way things were formerly done.

For instance, instead of the society being just a British and Commonwealth society we find that for every British person who joins, 10 Americans join.

We observe that each month the number of people viewing the society's web site increases and that they spend on average over 24 minutes reading it.

As a consequence of this new technology the society is now reaching people of every nationality, of every type of occupation, and in unheard of places.

In nearly every sphere the Internet is leaving the old entrenched establishments behind.

The Society desires that both the The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Master and Fellows of Churchill College Cambridge should consider joining with us to actively seek financial support from the Millennium Fund to further the Society's plan for the building (and joint use and management) of CHURCHILL HOUSE London.

We believe that the House of Commons, House of Lords, the Government, all the Commonwealth countries - jointly with all the En Armed Forces Associations, Schools, Colleges, and Universities should also be invited to become involved; and that His Royal Highness Prince Charles should be asked to lead the project.

We believe that the building of



as a


positions correctly - and in a true perspective - the Millennium priorities.


At this moment everyone ought to consider very carefully what is his duty towards his country,
towards his home and family,
and to his own personal rights and responsibilities.

Winston Churchill

January 21st 1950.


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