I say

'great sovereign state'

with design and emphasis,
for I reject the view that Britain and the Commonwealth
should now be relegated to a tame and minor role in the world.

Our past is the key to our future,
which I firmly trust and believe will be no less fertile and glorious.

Let no man underrate our energies,
our potentialities and our abiding power for good.

Winston Churchill.



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Lest we forget

Re: Churchill House London.

Every war shames the human race and is yet another monument to human ignorance, greed, and folly.

The British Legion's Saturday night Service of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall with its entertaining military displays and gymnastics and the moving ceremony of millions of falling poppies; followed by the Sunday morning sombre Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph, has for some younger people a risk of it becoming just an autumnal cosy fireside TV nationalistic festival.

Little wonder, for they never knew - and God forbid they ever do - the depths of cruelty, depravity and suffering that war brings.

This web page and the further explanatory LINKS at its end; with it's companion attachment pamphlet, attempt to place the momentous events of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century into a historic perspective to prove the justification - even at this late date - for building Churchill House, London.

Observing for so many years how little known is the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) by ordinary people and its failure to persuade the schools to educate children about the causes of the wars; this Society decided in 1995 to launch a schools web site devoted to this subject. have sometimes noticed in your reading of British history that we have had to hold out from time to time all alone, or to be the mainspring of coalitions,  against a continental tyrant or dictator, and we have had to hold out for quite a long time:  against the Spanish Armada, against the might of Louis XIV, when we led Europe for nearly twenty-five years under William III and Marlborough, and 150 years ago, when Nelson, Pitt and Wellington broke Napoleon, not without assistance from the heroic Russians of 1811. In all these world wars our Island kept the lead of Europe or else held out alone.

Winston Churchill.

It came as a huge surprise to us that within less than three years over 3.5 million persons, mainly schoolchildren from all over the world visited these thrice awarded educational web pages.

Observing how a symbolically forlorn storm torn Union Flag always appeared to be flying listlessly over Parliament; we in this society have pondered on the reasons for this.

It was not difficult to conclude it represented the people's bewilderment, disillusion - indeed anger - with the politicians of all parties about the many disastrous changes that had been allowed by neglect on everyone's part to slip unchecked pass or through Parliament, and how as a consequence the people have little respect for their leaders.

This was soon to be followed by shock and total dismay by the sudden death of Princess Diana.

This most un-British sense of helplessness was a new and discomforting experience to our people, but was to be relieved with delight a year or two later by the sight of great traditional patriotic scenes in The Mall during the Jubilee year.

However, throughout all these events observers remained convinced that the public were in fact still unaware of changes that still threaten our nation, because of the failure of politicians to have the courage to speak about them.

We note how this Parliament with its huge majority ignores even its own most thoughtful members - how it is a Parliament riven with dissent over the right reforms for the House of Lords - a Parliament unwilling to even debate the possibility of our nation being swallowed up bit by subtle bit into a Federal European Superstate as a consequence of the EU's proposed Constitution - and how it was and still is a Parliament in which both major political parties are deeply split about the threat to the continuation of Great Britain as an independent nation and so brush that probability under the carpet.

We repeat - this pamphlet and its detailed explanatory LINKS at its end; and it's companion pamphlet, attempt to place the momentous events of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century into a historic perspective to prove the justification - even at this late date - for building Churchill House, London.


The 20th century was astonishing in hundreds of different ways - not least in the fact that it saw our thousand year old nation decline from the greatest empire and industrial power the world had ever known, to a small European offshore island distraught with indecision as to what is to be its political and commercial future.

To quote from Mr Enoch Powell's speech to the Society:-

"Between the battle of Omdurman with the classic last cavalry charge in British military history to Britain's acquisition of the hydrogen bomb as a member of the American alliance was a stretch of fifty-seven years, a period which covered both the culmination and the dissolution of the British Empire, the transformation of British society and politics by extension of the franchise to include all adults, and a technological transformation of life in Britain at least as extensive as the first Industrial Revolution".

 "We must recognise that we have a great inheritance in our possession, which represents the prolonged achievement of the centuries;  that there is not one of our simple uncounted rights today for which better men than we are have not died on the scaffold or the battlefield.

We have not only a great treasure; we have a great cause.

Are we taking every measure within our power to defend that cause?

Winston Churchill

Paris September 1936

The Churchill Society is not a fan club.

It exists to remind our nation of it's long, and in the main noble history, and to always remind the world of Churchill's vast achievements and legacy of wisdom.

Thus it is that we remain adamant that Churchill's following dictum still applies:-

(Remember Churchill was the first politician to propose a Union of European independent States)

We have our own dream and our own task.

We are with Europe, but not of it.

We are linked but not combined.

We are interested and associated but not absorbed.


Winston Churchill.



We quote the American lawyer Mr Rudy Carmenaty

At all cost, the British people must retain their political sovereignty and their freedom of action.

It is one thing to lose an empire, it is quite another to lose a nation. From such a loss no people can recover.

Today's school history text books have been rewritten to show Britain in only the darkest possible light. It's a teaching of history that would be unrecognizable to anyone over thirty-five. Great Britain is described as being a sick society.

Its past is viewed as having been dangerously racist,  xenophobic,  imperialist,  misogynist,  homophobic,  and a litany of other supposed horrors. It is a society that must atone for the alleged sins of its past. Its people, particularly its children, need to be, in the some Stalinist sense, re-educated and reconditioned.

That is why examining our common history and drawing lessons from our Anglo-American heritage is so important.

That is why supporting an institution such as The Churchill Society, is so vital. By keeping Sir Winston's flame alive, this organisation does a great deal to address the important issues that face us thirty-five years after Churchill's passing.

That is also why we must support the building of Churchill House. A centre in the heart of London to serve as more that just a symbol or a tribute to this great man. It would be a gathering place where ideas and solutions can be generated. Sir Winston's words and his spirit must be summoned time and time again to kindle our hearts,  alert our minds, and rally our spirits.


A small excerpt from his extraordinary Churchill Society 2001 Christmas Lecture.

Please see footnotes for full text.


This society has been appealing forlornly for many years for support for the building of Churchill House, London but in this matter we have been baffled years of UK 'establishment' opposition, which still today prevents any progress.



To honour Churchill, the public in 1965 subscribed five million pounds to build Churchill College Cambridge and a further large sum to endow the WCMT. Both cater for only a tiny and privileged minority. Neither do any research into the prevention of wars.

Having been funded by the public, both these institutions therefore belong to the public, and the public should have - but are not allowed - a say in how they are run.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust's constitution reads:-


clause (i)  the trust is for the benefit advancement and

propagation of education in any part of the world

clause (ii)  towards the cost of the erection of a memorial to

Sir Winston in a place to which the public have access.

Nothing has been done about this and I shall refer to clause (ii) in a moment.*

clause (iii)  the appointment of new trustees shall only be
exercised by the majority of the existing trustees....
trustees have absolute control over every aspect of the trust

I shall refer to clause (iii) in a moment.



The society's efforts to interest the public in the the building of Churchill House London meet with much commendation, especially from Commonwealth and overseas visitors to our web site.

But because of the WCMT trustees total opposition to the idea, they refuse to meet our committee; and as a consequence the Press and public are left puzzled and soon forget about the scheme.

* So dire were Churchill's debts before the war because of the unpaid time he devoted in his battle to awaken the nation to the threat of Hitler, that he was forced to place his beloved Chartwell on the market. But before any sale could take place the war began, so it was shut up for the duration of the war.

But by the end of the war its debts were such that knowing he was virtually bankrupt he knew he must sell it and immediately settle down to write his memoirs to earn enough money just to keep his family

Unlike these days, politicians received no pensions: nor did it even occur to Parliament to financially reward for him for his services to the nation.

Churchill knew better than anyone how the vast cost of the war had totally ruined the nation and had he been offered money by the government he would almost certainly have refused it knowing how urgently it was required for the the rebuilding people's bombed houses.

It was the private generosity of a group of men who clubbed together and secretly bought Chartwell and gave its deeds to him that saved Chartwell for Churchill and eventually for the nation.

* But Chartwell has nothing to do with clause (ii) above.

It was Sir Winston's and Lady Churchill's wish that Chartwell - with its contents - be given to the National Trust after their deaths.

This has happened - except that the contents are unhappily and possibly illegally 'on loan'.

Older members of the society have observed the work of the WCMT for over 25 years and now firmly hold the view that the trust needs reform and are convinced that no such reform will ever take place for the following interrelated reasons.

(1) In the early years of the WCMT the Churchill family hijacked control of the Trust by appointing themselves, their relatives and close friends as trustees knowing that under its constitution, new trustees could only be appointed by existing trustees, and could hold the positions for life, and that as trustees they would retain absolute control over every aspect of the trust.

(2) The recent appointment of Mr Winston Churchill as Chairman of the WCMT in place of his aunt (Churchill's daughter Lady Mary Soames) proves the need for reform; for without consulting even the trust's councillors and ignoring the public's 1995 storm of protest and today's continuing dismay and anger in respect to the unbelievable blackmailing of John Major's Conservative government; (when Mr Churchill forced it to order the independent (!) Lottery Commission to make the very first Lottery pay out of £12,500,000 over to the Churchill family on VE Day 1995 - or he would auction the Chartwell Papers!); he was nonetheless considered by the existing WCMT trustees to be a suitable new chairman to lead the trust.

His appointment is wholly unacceptable and cannot be allowed to remain.

(3) That only 3.65% of applicants for travelling scholarships succeed prove it wastes most of its staff time, and office expenses rejecting the other 96% failed applicants and is therefore woefully inefficient.

But far more important reasons exists for a complete reappraisal and reform of the policies and management of the trust.

(4) Mr Churchill's appointment with his personal record means that the WCMT under his leadership would find it impossible to apply to the Lottery Commission for any WCMT funding.

When these reforms are done there should then take place an appeal for feasibility funds for the proposal to build:-




"first we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us".

Winston Churchill.


Notes for overseas readers.

The Chartwell Papers are an incredible collection of all Churchill's war time letters, papers, orders, and drafts of his famous speeches; which he and Lady Churchill desired to be a gift to Churchill College, and for which the public had already paid for and built an expensive air conditioned building; for its staffing, insurance and upkeep, in which to keep and conserve them.

It is embarrassing for us to have to point out to the Churchill family that it is improper for them to promote Churchill's memory - that is work for other people to do.

The above also explains the true reasons why our society is privately slighted at every turn by the WCMT and why they refuse to meet us.

What is the use of living if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone.

Winston Churchill
October 9th 1908.

Her Majesty the Queen is Patron of the WCMT.

The Society has kept her informed of all these matters.

So what of the future?

It is now nearly four years since a new and sadly overcast century dawned, and thirty nine years have passed since Churchill's death; and still no truly fitting Memorial has been built to Churchill and his Comrades in Arms.

Why is this?

This society is aware that some people incline to the view that a monument such as Churchill House is out of date in 2003 for it glorifies war and our victories over our enemies.

That is a perverse misreading of the purpose of Churchill House, London.

The empires of the future are empires of the mind.

Winston Churchill.

Harvard 1943

As if suddenly awakening from a prolonged sleep walk, British people are now finding themselves dismayed at the decline in the nation's reputation, its public behaviour and attitudes.

They are alarmed at how domestic political threats have been allowed to fester by the deliberate neglect of both political parties: and how now just a small incident could so easily spark further rioting and arson which would profoundly blight all our lives.

The people are alarmed at the threat of our loss of national sovereignty, of the loss of the pound sterling and the City of London's financial status, and our hard won blood stained ancient rights to govern ourselves

They are dismayed at the prospect of the loss of control over their taxation and immigration - to say nothing about how our country is being sweet talked whilst being subtly swallowed up bit by bit into a Federal Europe.

They are shocked about the daily risk to life and limb when they are now informed of the decades of neglect by the public utilities.

Older thoughtful people are shocked at the short memories of our people about America's amazing world-wide financial generosity since the ending of the Second World War and the stupendous sums she has given to so many many other countries - including Russia - recently. They are truly bewildered at the disrespect shown to America in Europe today.

Character transcends Nationality

Winston Churchill

They are alarmed at the EU's emasculation of NATO and its sequential threat to our control of our Armed Forces. Forces highly specialised and successful in military peace keeping roles.

Other people, appalled at the history of 20th and earlier centuries nationalism, are convinced of our -

'lamentable exploitative nationalistic and imperial past' 

so now hold the view that it is best to draw a permanent line under that era - end the institution of the Monarchy upon the death of the Queen, and then to join wholeheartedly into a Federal Republican European Union Superstate leaving the two Houses of Parliament to perhaps to formulate minor regional legislation of no more importance than Town Hall by-laws and the two Houses of Parliament and royal palaces to become tourist theme parks.

Such ideas become much more difficult to achieve
if there exist other also much loved publicly owned institutions
such as an intellectually lively and active


However as Churchill knew only too well plans and forecasts in life rarely turn out as good or as badly as anticipated.

What for instance, is to prevent an American type civil war taking place within the EU caused by the desire of some state/s to wishing to secede from the Union?

"...but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive,

and the other would accept war rather than let it perish,

and the war came."

A Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln,

2nd Inaugural Address
4 March 1865


The number of dead in the American Civil War was larger than the combined number of dead from all of the American wars up to 1960.

If you add up the number of Americans who died in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, all of the wars with the Indians, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, the number will not be as large as the number of dead in the Civil War alone.

Never before had the world seen so many soldiers killed in a war


What help did the EU give to resolve the conflicts in The Balkans, the Basque country, Northern Ireland or Iraq?


The vast majority of young people today are as of good a quality as those who fought in the wars of the 20th century.

Getting to know them one realises how worried they too are about civil and international racial and terrorism conflicts; and how they long to be able to do something to heal wounds and bring prosperity to the poor countries. This is shown in their new found interest in so many recent TV programmes about the history of our country.

Likewise there is a vast army of retired men and women who would be happy to join with them and with our Commonwealth cousins to help bring wealth creation schemes to poor countries.

It is the help and enthusiasm of these young people that this society so urgently needs to build


Once these ideas are properly worked out organised and widely publicised, thousands of volunteers would happily become involved - just as they are - unpaid - in the work of so many of today's different charities.

The erection of a beautiful new building,
CHURCHILL HOUSE, in the centre of London in honour of Churchill and his Comrades in Arms - a building belonging to the public and freely open seven days a week to everybody: and one, which after its completion could be copied by smaller versions in towns and cities throughout the country and Commonwealth, would enrich the daily lives (especially of the lonely and bereaved) who will use them for generations to come.

Above all


would present a true world wide panoramic historic perspective

to help and guide us and future generations

over the issues facing the world.


After years of trying to make these ideas become a reality, the society believes it is never going to get the moral support of the  publicly owned  WCMT which is essential, until the trust is reformed. And therefore it is now time for us to appeal directly to the nation over their heads for helpers to come forward to assist in a hundred different ways to build a modern building, matching the refined nobility, beauty, grandeur and superb craftsmanship of Blenheim Palace, but on a smaller purpose-designed scale.

But this time, the building - like Trafalgar Square - to belong to, and be run by the public, as a fitting memorial and living tribute to Churchill and all who fought, suffered, and died, and won for us the freedoms we have enjoyed since the scourge of 20th century tyrannies and wars began in 1914.

If we can as a nation can so casually waste £900 million pounds (plus) on building the

infamous 'Dome' never even noticing where the money came from, nor even bothering to have a public enquiry into such scandalous waste - we can easily build Churchill House, London.

(This society sought permission to have an exhibition stand in the Dome but was refused without any explanation)

Mr Sam Wanamaker

The Globe Theatre

Or or must we wait for another three hundred years to pass before another Mr Sam Wanamaker comes to our shores and after suffering years of apathy or downright opposition and spending his personal fortune, builds for us in London, what is now a greatly treasured new beautiful building - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

The democratic reform of the WCMT
will help to solve many problems
and change it into another much loved institution such as the self funding
Royal Lifeboat Institute and the National Trust and St John's.

For further detailed information please visit:-






The history of



List of this pamphlet's related and detailed web pages:-


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Sight of the WCMT
Trust Deed


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Full text of Mr Rudy Carmenaty Churchill Society 2001 Christmas Lecture.





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