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The Churchill Society

A good knowledge of history is a quiver full of arrows in debates.

Study history, study history - in history lie all the secrets of state craft.

The genius . . . springs from every class and from every part of the land.

You cannot tell where you will not find a wonder.

The hero, the fighter, the poet, the master of science, the organiser,

the engineer, the administrator, or the jurist - he may spring into fame.

Equal opportunity, free institutions and equal laws.

All the above quotations are by Churchill.



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..........Still today,  (Written for the inauguration of the web site 1995). Churchill is thought of by prejudiced people in the UK - especially opinionated academics - as just a remarkable leader in the Second World War. To counter such blinkered views, we set down here a shortened list of his achievements prior to and just after the First World War. They are truly remarkable.

..........In a speech to the society the late Enoch Powell said: "never was there a statesman who built up such an accumulation of damaging quotes against himself; but a genial English common sense and an eye for the main chance enabled him to soar gleefully above them".  

..........The new laws that Churchill put on to the statute book  before   the first World War made a marked improvement in the lives of ordinary people.  "Unhampered by the scruples or the impracticality of a doctrinaire"  (Enoch Powell) he introduced laws for improvements in the working and safety conditions in factories and introduced nationwide Labour Exchanges to assist both employers and workers.

..........He arranged for government ship building orders to be placed in areas of high unemployment. He drastically reduced the numbers in prison - especially young people - and improved prison food and conditions. He introduced  'time to pay'  for debtors.

..........He created the first arbitration system for labour and commercial disputes. He improved the hours and working condition in the coal mines especially with the introduction of pit head showers - hitherto non existent. He made off-duty life for the armed forces more comfortable.

..........He laid the ground work for today's National Insurance Acts, which after the First World War enabled widows and orphans to receive pensions and at the same time he lowered income taxes on the lowest paid workers.

..........On education his views were  'that no barriers of class or creed should interfere with opportunity' .

..........The Churchill Society is not is not a fan club. It is an educational society devoted to the memory of this very great Englishman.



The only people Churchill never forgave were those who,
in the words he so often used

"fell beneath the level of events"






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