The Foundation of



was May 10th 1990

(50 years to the Day) after Churchill became Prime Minister.

The Inauguration of the Society's web site was on Churchill's 121st Birthday - November 30th 1995


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The existence of


is due to

the late Rt Hon Enoch Powell's
1989 Burford Bridge Speech about Churchill.


About the late
Rt Hon Enoch Powell MBE.


 "We must recognise that we have a great inheritance in our possession,
which represents the prolonged achievement of the centuries;
that there is not one of our simple uncounted rights today
for which better men than we are have not died on the scaffold or the battlefield.
We have not only a great treasure; we have a great cause.
Are we taking every measure within our power to defend that cause?

Winston Churchill.

Paris September 1936.



Below is a copy of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Deed.


The Title  Page of the Trsut Deed


Ther names of the Founders on the Trust Deed

The central purpose of the Trust Deed is set out in clause 3 (ii) below.

The main purpose of the Trust Deed.

Web Page created January 1999.

The public subscribed the money for the purposes set out in the Trust Deed.

It is not known why the Trustees failed to follow the Founders purpose or how the Trust became involved in awarding Travelling Scholarships.

Another interesting clause in the Trust deed reads as follows:

"the Trustees may appoint the English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth  

(hereinafter called "the Union")  to act as sole Administrative Trustees etc etc . . . .

Disturbingly - another clause reads . . . .

'The appointment of new Trustees shall only be exercised by the majority of the existing Trustees....

There are (February 1996) 12 Trustees - they are appointed for life. 10 are over 70 years of age (two of them 78 and 85 years of age).

In the light of the very advanced years of the present Trustees, and the fact that in 1999, 160,000 persons applied for a travelling scholarship and only one person in every thousand succeeded ( - demonstrates a staggering waste of time, effort and money on the Trust's part happens every year - indeed also on every applicant's part.

It is truly upsetting for this society to have to point these facts out publicly.

It is time The Winston Churchill Trust is reformed.and a new elected Board of Trustees is appointed from outside the present incestuous self perpetuating cosy coterie of the Churchill family and their friends: and this then to be followed by a complete reappraisal of every aspect of the policies and management of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust followed by an appeal to follow the original Trust Deed - that of building



For an appeal to succeed it will require the enthusiastic support (particularly) of the young to raise the the very large sum of money required to buy the land and build Churchill House.

There is little hope of this support being forthcoming whilst so many of Churchill's relatives and their friends are involved in the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: and whilst the memory of the scandal relating to the blackmail and eventual sale by the family of Sir Winston's and Lady Churchill's gift to the nation of The Chartwell Papers for £12,500,000 pounds remains so indelibly and so upsettingly in the mind of the public.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust belongs to the public. All the money it possesses (it had assets in excess of 21 million pounds in 1996) was donated by

in 1965.

The public know little or nothing about the Trust.

The Trust must be reformed and the public permitted - indeed - encouraged, to take an active part in it.

In the light of these, and other sad events; it is wrong that Churchill's daughter be the unelected Chairman. His grandson an unelected trustee; and their unelected relatives and friends be on the Council.

It is improper that elections are not permitted in the The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.


belongs to the British public.



To the astonishment of the public, the Churchill family with their realtives and friends - some in The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - let it be known in 1985 they were to produce in 1988 in a West End cabaret theatre a 'Musical' with 'Winnie' singing in his bath!

After three performances it was taken off.

It was reputed to have lost £3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as:-

"just done for

money, money, money . . . .

vulgar vulgar vulgar!"

 NB. It is often claimed the Churchill was a freemason.

Churchill joined the freemasons in his early 20s. When he resigned a few years later and he did something quite unheard of then - and since. He published his letter of resignation. He never rejoined.



The millennium presents the




The Commonwealth Countries

The British Public

with a unique opportunity to pursue the Founders' unfulfilled aim of the Trust Deed.



was formed in 1990 with the aim of building


in the centre of

The Society is very anxious the moment is not lost.


Comments by members (or the public) can be sent to

The Secretary

They must have a verifiable postal and telephonic address.


We desire to be judged only by results

Winston Churchill.

House of Commons
February 11th 1943


Winston Churchill's Medals.

It was announced yesterday by Winston Churchill (minor) that he had presented  on loan  his grandfather's medals to the Imperial War Museum for display at the cabinet war rooms.

What he failed to reveal, was that in doing so he saves himself the fear of being burgled for them - almost certainly the heavy expense of insuring them - and whether or not he has paid the inheritance tax on them*.

Sensible man you say..............until you remember the shameful thing he and the family did when they blackmailed the effete Prime Minister John Major and his Conservative government and the nation to pay him £12,500,000 for the  on loan  Chartwell papers and for which the family still continue to charge outrageous copyright fees.

There is nothing to stop him or his children doing the same thing again. Likewise with the
 on loan  contents of Chartwell.


The Times Newspaper

September 7th 1998


Mr Mark Thomas has accepted a position advising Chancellor Gordon Brown about reforming the tax system to ensure that rich people cannot cheat.

Mr Thomas was invited after his television programme revealed that Nicholas Soames (Churchill's grandson and Conservative MP and former Minister) * avoided paying inheritance tax on family heirlooms he had been left, by listing them as available to public inspection when they were not.


Where are all the many missing majestic jewelled silver and gold boxes,
the superb commemorative cut glass and enamelled plaques and mementos
and the spectacularly bejewelled solid gold and silver sculptural pieces
that were bestowed upon Churchill by foreign Kings and Queens
and the huge number of gifts given in his honour by Governments from all over the world
including many from Arab Royalty and the Emirates - all of which were originally on display
at Chartwell when it first opened and which are now missing?

It was Sir Winston's desire that all of these should be
permanently on display at Chartwell.


The only people Churchill never forgave were those who,
in the words he so often used:-

"fell beneath the level of events"



Because of his record Mr W S Churchill's appointment as Chairman of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
is as astonishing as it is improper and he must resign.

The vulgar West End 'musical' promoted by Churchill's 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           children with the 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 help of  friends 

The story of the Churchill family and their friends promotion (in 1988) of the West End Musical with 'Winnie' singing in his bath! After three performances it was taken off. It was reputed to have lost £3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as


"just done for money, money, money . . . . vulgar vulgar vulgar!"




The Daily Telegraph

Re: Unsocial society

Date: 3 October 2004


Despite being hugely and patriotically English, I can only endorse the prescience of Kevin Myers in opting to live in Ireland.

What he says about us is completely accurate, and is tremendously dispiriting for those of us who can remember that other England, the one where care, courtesy, respect and manners were part of everyday life.

Again quite correctly he identifies the culprits as the intelligentsia (although the noun is in many respects a misnomer), who have conducted a merciless and unrelenting assault on all those things that made us what we were.

Now, from the top down, we have a yobbish culture which prevails, and we have become a society motivated by spite, envy, greed, gloating, filth and voyeurism.

The England in which I was raised and educated, and for which I would gladly have laid down my life, has been stolen from us, and we are now an awful country, probably in terminal decline, ruled over by an elite who are self-serving, duplicitious and hugely incompetent.

It is time, I think, to summon back King Arthur, or bang Drake's Drum or whatever it is that we are supposed to do in time of peril.

From: Arthur Mead, Dereham, Norfolk.


 The Churchill family to pay back The Lottery Money.

The High Court (London) proceedings.
Who owned the Chartwell Papers?

Churchill's Medals.

How safe are the contents of Chartwell?
Copy of correspondence with The National Trust.

Churchill's daughter Mary Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.

Important information.

 'Conservative Party sleaze added to the continuing collapse of moral standards in the UK. From 1983 onwards it gathered pace and led to the national uproar caused by the the story of the Churchill family threatening to sell Sir Winston and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College of The Chartwell Papers.

Lord Rothschild's

February 13 2000 The Sunday Times Newspaper
A copyright article.
Lottery-funded Churchills' charge academics £50 a letter.

The very sad press chronology of
Winston S Churchill Jnr.

Professor Charmley writes:
Is there no end to the making of money by the family our of Sir Winston?

Commercial advertising. Cashing in on Churchill. Who authorised this crude example?

Criticisms of the book 'Churchill's
Private Letters' selected, edited, and published by his daughter Mary Soames.

May 1999.
Important information.


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